Reduce development time and ensure conformance and interoperability. We help organizations design, develop, implement and test Ethernet products to ensure they’re highly functional, con-formant and inter-operable. Our mix of domain knowledge, development expertise and tools ensure success.

In-vehicle communication systems and protocols

Development of a new communication Protocol between multiple guest OS using Hypervisor

System IPC for in-vehicle communication

SOME/IP for Inter-ECU communication

In-vehicle architecture evaluations, comparisons, and optimizations

Guest OS Node configuration

DLT programming

Fixed Memory region assignments for Guest OS

Board Bring-up

Ethernet bring up: eth0 and other node bring-up

ARP/ping command between multiple VLANs

ECU Network Configuration

IPTable configuration

Firewall configuration

IPSec functionality using strongswan

Inter ECU Communication

Communication using SOME/IP
Communication using Web-sockets/HTTP

Bandwidth Management

Traffic shaping using TCNG/Linux TC commands Support for QoS

Time management

Implementing PTP for Time Sync using gPTP and Linux PTP

Implementing Classic AUTOSAR StBM


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