Our Focus


We provide our clients with high-quality and reliable Classic AUTOSAR software Integration/solution services, built to their specific requirements.

System Engineering

We offer system engineering services to create complex software systems that seamlessly integrate with other systems and components in vehicles.

Adaptive AUTOSAR

Our company offers AUTOSAR Base Software Integration/Solutions that go across E/E Architecture, such as High-Performance Compute (HPC) Platforms, Real-Time Critical ECUs, Sensors and I/O Concentrators

Model-based Development

Our company specializes in model-based development, creating efficient and
optimized software solutions that are easier to maintain and update compared to
traditional code-based systems.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Our service-oriented architecture approach helps us develop scalable and modular software systems that can adapt to changes in the industry and provide our clients with flexible solutions.

Automotive Ethernet

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements, providing tailored Automotive Ethernet solutions that meet their unique needs.

Functional Safety

We prioritize functional safety in our software development process to ensure
our solutions meet industry safety standards, providing our clients
with reliable and safe products.

Verification and Validation

Our company uses rigorous verification and validation techniques to ensure the
software we develop meets the highest quality standards and is
free from errors and defects.


We focus on automation to provide our clients with efficient, reliable,
and scalable software solutions, reducing their time-to-market and costs.